Thursday, April 7, 2016

And the Hits Just Keep On Coming!

So sorry I wasn't back yesterday as planned but we were tied up all day with the Ambassador's visit. Everything went well though and he (Ambassador Dr. Ray Bassett) and his wife, Patricia, are off to Miramichi today, Moncton tomorrow, on to Saint John on Saturday, then over to Prince Edward Island before heading back to Ottawa. A very busy schedule indeed! His term in Canada is finished in August and we'll all be sorry to see him go. Although I hear the incoming ambassador, Jim Kelly, is just as great a fellow as Ray so we'll be left in good hands, I'm sure.

I ended the last post with a full dollhouse by Caroline de Repentigny and Fernand Rondeau so I thought I would start today's by showing you most of the other pieces from this talented pair that were on display at the Montreal show, beginning with the log cabin that is meticulously crafted. Being unfurnished allows us to see all the beautiful joints and other details we might otherwise miss.

I really liked the almost European look of their "Charlie's Antiquities". It even has a workshop in the attic where stained glass windows are being repaired. Well done!

Just as much attention to detail was paid in their nostalgic little toy shop. The shelf across the top holds larger items for display including a dollhouse, a dollhouse kit, and a couple of lovely little carousel horses.

And now for something completely different!! What a contrast between their sweet little toy shop to this ghoulish party going on next door! The one thing they have in common is the amount of detail included by Caroline and Fernand. I wonder if they made the characters as well? I forgot to ask before I left.

Closing out this section of Caroline de Repentigny and Fernand Rondeau is the most charming little Bistro. The handsome young server is waiting quietly inside to take your order. Pull up a chair and enjoy!

Next we see a half-scale modern house by Erica Lapiste, followed by her intriguing little scene I've taken the liberty of calling "Smoke Break". I have no idea what these ladies are smoking but they certainly look really laid back, don't they?

I took pictures from several angles of Joanne Daigneault's Halloween party (wedding reception??) but this is the only one that turned out. It's really unfortunate because I really wanted to show a close up of the skeleton in the corner. The way he's sitting on the large skull puts me in mind of Rodin's The Thinker. Really cute.

This little train car was absolutely charming. Joanne showcases a little portion of a dining car on one side of the project, and a collection of travel-related items on the other. Such beautiful work!

She also does such a nice job of showing how lovely a single idea can be when presented in an attractive container and accessorized meticulously. Here you see two pieces showcasing tiny pieces of jewellery, followed by an idea I've always wanted to try - a vignette in a gift bag. In Joanne's piece she actually made a cloth gift bag in a printed pattern that matches the theme of her vignette. Very well thought out.

Next to Joanne's train car vignette was a cute little beach house that I believe was 1/4 scale. For some reason I did not capture the name of the artist who completed this one. My apologies! If someone wants to contact me and let me know, I will be sure to post a credit to the miniaturist.

From Inge Cosssette we have two room boxes with so many little accessories in each it must have taken her ages to collect and/or make everything she needed. Being the cat-lover I am, I really appreciated all the cat posters around the top of the walls in the wine cellar. In the bakery - yum! Good thing they were so tiny and out of my reach! They certainly looked good enough to eat.

I'll end today's post with two projects in an alternative scale. Both are the handiwork of Jean Thornton. the first is a representation of a little ranch house in 1/4 scale and, if memory serves me correctly, the saloon is 1/2 scale. It's hard to tell the scale from the picture and I didn't mark it down anywhere so I could be wrong about the saloon's scale. Regardless of the scale, certainly the fellow at the bottom of the stairs appears to be dancing his way out so he must be very satisfied with whatever services were provided by the young lady at the top of the stairs! Probably his weekly dance instruction?!? Yes - she looks like she'd be a good dance instructor. *smile*

I do hope you're enjoying this tour through the MEM exhibit room as much as I'm enjoying reliving it. As I review each of these pictures I keep seeing little details I missed the first time around so it's been great fun for me. And, of course, we know it's all about me, after all!!! Therefore - I will have two more days of pictures before moving back to writing about my oh so much inferior attempts at minis. I hope I'm not boring you yet - I'm having a great time! See you tomorrow. TTFN!


  1. Wonderful displays to provide inspiration...while I have my favourite style there are many others that are intriguing and ever so detailed. The train dining car scene was particularly interesting as my husband is an N-scale model railroad enthusiast...something similar would look great in his railway themed room. Love the miniature cabinet filled with jewellery, ribbons, etc. and will work to make the one I own look just as enchanting. There are just too many things to comment on individually! Thanks you so much for sharing the photos! (PS...the bed I am working on is a Bespaq 4 poster called Versailles...if anyone has any suggestions as to how to tackle the canopy of this particular bed I would appreciate it!) Cheers, Alayne in Winnipeg

  2. Hi Alayne. I did a search for your bed on Google. It is a beautiful bed. There are a lot of pictures online which might provide some inspiration. It looks like it could be somewhat complicated to finish that canopy! Good luck and please share pictures when it's done if you can. - Marilyn