Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Hiatus is over!!

Okay - I didn't produce any posts during our three weeks in Ireland but I do have an excuse -- or two -- or three. Without going into too many details that you're really not interested in anyway (no, no - don't protest - I know you better than you know yourself!!), suffice to say the biggest obstacle was that we had no internet access in the house we rented so anytime I wanted to even just check emails I had to walk to the village square with my computer and sit in the pub to hook up (Internet hook up people - jeez - just what kind of girl do you think I am!?!). Well - you can imagine how that goes - much better things to do in a pub after I finished checking emails than trying to get a post done!

Bottom line, our annual trip to Ireland was, as usual, over too soon. Before we knew it we were saying good bye to all our good friends and winging our way home. Well, okay - the airplane was winging its way home - we were just passengers. Maybe after all that time in the pub we just thought it was us winging our way. *smile*

The rest of the summer to this point has been incredibly busy but with fall rapidly approaching I'm starting a mini panic - well the panic is big - but it's about teeny things.

Our mini group, F.A.M.E (Fredericton Area Miniature Enthusiasts), is taking part in the Fall Expo put on by C.F.B. Gagetown on September 10th. Every year the military base puts on a large Expo with local service groups, hobby groups, etc. taking part to let newcomers to the area become aware of the various activities, events, sports and hobby clubs that are available in the area. I have to finish some things to get ready for it - things I already told you about ages ago - mostly as part of the Dorian Grey room box. I have only half of my 36 "tidbits" finished for Camp Mini Ha Ha next month (starts September 21st) and haven't even decided on my 5 "Gifties" yet, let alone started making them. Then, F.A.M.E. is putting on our first doll and dollhouse miniature show and sale on October 22nd here in Fredericton - lots to do to get ready for that! In November I have committed to teaching a workshop for one of our local community groups. It's actually the second half of the workshop Marijke Hurkens taught in June (see her June post about it at She taught the class how to make a bench, tin cup with flowers, tea towel and braided rug. I'll be doing a workshop on building the actual scene to put these in. Are you able to appreciate my panic mode now?? Ah, minis - who knew how much of our lives could be taken over by them?

Then, when I was vacuuming my dining room today, I glanced over at the top of my buffet and realized it has become a place where broken minis go to die! It was supposed to be a place where they go to be repaired, reworked, revitalized - a place of hope and renewal! Instead, I think every time I pick up a mini and head over to place it on the buffet I swear I can hear it screaming "No, not me!!! Not the buffet! I'll be good, I promise!! Just give me one more chance......pleeeaaase!" Poor terrified little minis ("little minis" - is that redundant??)

Anyway - this is the long roundabout way of saying it's time to get back to work. So, as I make progress, any progress no matter how small (or mini - he, he ,he) I'll share another post with you.

For now, I'm leaving you with the one and only mini I purchased while on holiday in June - a scrumptious looking cake. I found it in one of the little shops on the site of the Tithe Barn in Bradford-on-Avon, England. I have no idea who made it.
There were only about a dozen mini pieces in this shop. The store was kind of a co-operative with items from many different makers representing many different kinds of goods for sale - not mini things - regular gift shop kind of things. The person who was manning (personning??) the shop at the time didn't know which artist made this lovely little cake. It was the first mini item she had sold and hadn't even realised they were there. It does look yummy enough to eat. Excuse me - I have a sudden urge to head to my kitchen. TTFN! - Marilyn


  1. Hello Marilyn,
    Welcome back! I am so happy you had a nice trip...who needs the internet when you have a pub! I'm glad your back though and look forward to your posts. That cake is gorgeous!
    big hug

    1. Hi Giac! Nice to hear from you. I recently posted a comment on your most recent post as well. For those of you who haven't checked out englishmanordollhouse blog lately you have to see Giac's revamp of his library! Gorgeous!! I have so much to learn from him! - Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn! I ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts because your great sense of humor and fun! :D
    Welcome back home again and don't forget to save a bite of that Yummy-looking cake for me!