Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Catching up with catching up....

Well, a very busy September morphed into a very busy October...and November's not looking too relaxing either. So - time to catch up so I can move on to the fun stuff.

September started with our F.A.M.E. club taking part in the annual Fall Expo at C.F.B. Gagetown. As I mentioned in the last post (yes, I know it was so long ago you don't remember!), each year the nearby military base holds a day where many groups come together to provide information to newcomers to the area so they will have an idea of the activities available in the area. The exhibitors ranged from sports clubs to service clubs to hobbyists, exercise classes available....you get the idea.

It was an extremely warm day but Marijke, Louise and I persevered and made it through the day. We set up an exhibit of some of the work of our club members on two long tables. We attracted a lot of attention since we were very different from any other exhibitor present.

On another table nearby I set up the Irish cottage that I have been neglecting and spent the day applying a stucco finish to it and talking to anyone who stopped by to ask questions.

We received a couple of requests to do children's workshops and/or displays in the new year. We'll fit them in as we get time - they're good ways to spread the word of our hobby and, in particular, our club.

Later in September came my favourite - Camp Mini Ha Ha!!! It was a really neat looking project however, as usual, by the time I was finished making my alterations to the original design, it bore no resemblance to the intended project. But the good news is -- I think I'm going to love it when I actually get it finished (more on that a little later).

So, 31 Campers attended this year. The Annapolis Basin Conference Centre is the perfect spot for our annual Camp - large work room, good food, great company - what more can we ask for!!??

This year's theme was cats. Some of the costumes on Sunday night were really great - everything from cats, dogs and mice to crazy cat ladies and a "puss in boots" ...or, in our case...a puss in sneakers.*smile*.

Overall, I have to say my favourite was the three blind mice with their seeing-eye dogs....Strike out the "Crazy cat ladies" comment and just call us all crazy ladies in general!

As usual, my friend Louise had her project concept completely thought out before arriving at Camp and had many accessories already made in advance. Her finished project will be a Via Rail station with a Tim Horton's on the 2nd floor (remember the doughnuts, cookies and bagels I made her for her birthday in March?)- can't get much more Canadian than that!!! Unless she then builds a Canadian Tire store to go next door with a poutine restaurant on the corner! In the picture below you can see the work in progress. She does have the elevator doors in on both floors but doesn't have the upper floor and Tim Hortons in yet in this picture. I will be sure to get a few pictures of it when she's finished it. So far it looks amazing - she's my hero!

What's that you say - what's my project look like?? Well, it doesn't have the intended shape of an industrial loft. I had new walls cut to my size and shape. I chose the 1/12th scale kit but am building in in 1/24th scale so I would have more room. Tomorrow I will show you the progress on the front and back walls, which will bring me to the end of my September catch-up. Wow - I feel like I'm moving right along at the speed of...well...the speed of government services maybe?? No offence to government workers - it is, after all, a process....with lots and lots of roadblocks and hoops to jump through along the way...just like the way I work! TTFN. - Marilyn

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