Saturday, March 18, 2017

Better late than never!

I've been so busy lately, it's been hard to find time to post. Our mini group- F.A.M.E., did hold our monthly meeting in February, although it was delayed by a week because of a major, major snow storm. Oh - you already know this since I did post pictures of the snow in our yard and covering my car.

Having said all that, last month was our second time to work together on our shop projects. We are all at varying stages of completion but are aiming to have as many done as possible before the Moncton Miniatures Show in May. We will have a display table there and would like to showcase our latest pieces.

Here are some pics from our last meeting. The first one shows Marijke's work in progress in the forefront with Louise and Sharon chatting in the background. Marijke is making her project into a shabby chic florist shop. You can follow her progress on her blog at Pulchinella's Cellar.

This next picture shows Sharon's work in progress. I love the look she is developing here but - I'm having a senior's moment and can't remember what kind of shop she is building. A little voice in the back of my head tells me it's a chocolatier but, I could certainly be wrong. My voices tell me all sorts of things ....but we won't go there right now!

The decorative iron pieces on the roof are just placed there in the picture above. They will be permanently installed later.

Lynn's project is going to be a laboratory - she's still debating whether it will be a mad scientist's lab or another kind of lab. Notice the little stethoscope sitting on top of the room box in the first picture? It'll find a place inside for sure.

In the next two pictures I've provided a close up of the incredible pieces Lynn has picked up online for this project, including glass beakers, test tube holder (complete with the glass test tubes), glass storage containers, and so much more! I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product for this one. What a great idea!

The last one I'll show you this time around is from our newest F.A.M.E. member. Garry is such an incredible talent and generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with the rest of us. What a great addition to our group he is!

Garry expanded on the original project to make it a little deeper, then turned it into an old west bath house. Incredible! It's still a work in progress as well but already looks amazing.

He also added a small piece on the side which will become an attached outhouse (and possibly a place to hide his battery pack if he chooses to light his room).

The next two pictures show the wonderful array of accessories he has already managed to fit in his piece (with more to come before it's finished, I'm sure). In addition to the water pump and the bowl and pitcher, he has so many small items scattered around including other bowls, straight razors, combs, a mirror, the bucket of water heating on the stove, vintage pictures, signs and notices, two old-fashioned and well-used tubs for bathing, and, of course, his signature dog. Every one of Garry's pieces has a dog in it somewhere. Isn't his work inspiring?!

Garry has the most wonderful collection of vintage signs he has made up. There's always something for every occasion and he's always willing to share. He allowed me to pick one for myself last time we met and I picked an old 1950s-style sign of a woman from that time saying "I understand the concept of cooking and cleaning - just not how it applies to me." I just love it! I will definitely find a place to use it in the future. Hope you enjoyed this posting, regardless of the fact that it was almost a month late in coming. - Story of my life - a day late and a dollar short! TTFN - Marilyn


  1. Better late - so true. Having such a talented group must provide a wealth of knowledge and ideas. These were so fun to look at - thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, Jodi - it really is great to have others to bounce ideas off of. I can hardly wait to see all of the boxes finished. Everyone has chosen to do something different with them - all wonderfully creative ideas. I hope you're having a great weekend. - Marilyn

  2. Hello Marilyn,
    My goodness, your group certainly has some wonderful and very talented members. These are all going to be mini masterpieces! I can't wait to see them all completed!
    Big hug,
    N.B. I will be on the lookout for your email!

  3. Yes, Giac - we have several really talented people. I feel so inspired every time I get a chance to work with them. I hope tobe just like them one day when I grow up. - Marilyn
    P.S. email on the way. *smile*