Thursday, April 13, 2017

First things first...

... I forgot to post my Wednesday Weather Watch pictures yesterday but...good news!! - It's officially spring for me! No snow left on the deck at all and only pockets left on the neighbours' yards. Okay - there's still snow in the pool but I wasn't planning on swimming anyway. *smile*

So, now that I'm doing my happy spring dance (it's not pretty but it makes me feel really good!), I thought I would go back and show you some pictures from the 2017 Montreal Miniatures Show and Sale. Please forgive the quality of the pictures - the exhibit room was very brightly lit and almost all of the pieces suffered from the glare of the lights against the windows of the room boxes. Hopefully you can see them well enough to get a feel for their projects, at least.

I was quite surprised to find that, this year, their club project was quite similar to our club project - shallow room boxes with shop fronts. Just like our club project, each one is finished very differently, reflecting the artist's individual style.

Shirley McBain used her club project to display some lovely china ladies - beautiful figurines all ready for a night of dancing!

Eleanor Dutton's formal dress shop, titled "Ella", showcases three fine examples is the front window. One can imagine the rest of the dress shop is hidden behind the semi-sheer curtain covering the whole back wall.

Erica Lapiste's project is near and dear to my heart! "The Shoe Box" really speaks to my love of - well - shoes!!! (and purses too!). I love the painted brick walls, the raised platform with the shoes, and all the little "glass" shelves with more shoes and purses. I also really like the way she made her door. It looks just like one you would find on this style shop.

I so wish this next picture didn't have so much glare off the glass because it is truly priceless! It really made me smile. In case you can't read the sign on this box, Inge Cossette named her piece "The Bachelor". I love the old fellow standing in his socks and underwear, ironing his pants, surrounded by the traces of his bachelor life. So much fun!

Caroline de Repentigny and Fernand Rondeau used the club project to produce a row of three shops.

I got better views of the first two shops in this row but, unfortunately, the third one turned out way too fuzzy to really see anything.

The welcome mat is out at Yvette Reid's "Treasures of the Sea". Don't you love those little yellow rain slickers, the coral, and the little model ships? It makes me think of my home province - Prince Edward Island. (Although I have been in New Brunswick for over 50 years now and do love it as well!).

Michelle Castonguay has tried to think of everything anyone could want to decorate their homes for Christmas. I love to see a shop with lots of things to look at!

A customer is happily trying on hats in Suzanne Wiseman's "Jolie Coquette", while the little puppy waits patiently on the sidewalk. He may be waiting a while -- there's lots of hats in there!

The window of Florence Dafter's "Bridal Boutique" is showing some beautiful dresses for the bride and her attendants. The pretty blue walls create a very calm atmosphere - just what a stressed-out bride needs!

Last for tonight, but certainly not least, Jeanette Ottaway has two shops on display. First,"The Mad Hatter". Bet you can't guess what kind of shop this is!?!

The second one by Jeanette made me smile. It's a great shop but I really loved its name. If any of you out there are fans of Coronation Street, the long-running British soap opera, you probably recognize the name, as did I, of the lingerie factory on this show. Jeanette's "Under World" has some lovely lingerie and accessories showcased. Don't you love it?

Well, thus ends this long post for today. Tomorrow I want to show you some more pictures from this exhibit. In addition to the club projects, and many other pieces on display, there was a varied collection of projects which all had a common denominator - which I will reveal to you tomorrow. Now, I'm going to pay closer attention to the hockey game, then go to bed. Go Leafs, go!!! TTFN! - Marilyn


  1. Hello Marilyn,
    Those are pretty good pictures. It is always a pleasure to see the club projects. I'm glad spring finally showed it's face.
    Big hug

  2. ¡Que bien que la nieve desapareció!, gracias por tantas fotos bellas.:-)

  3. What a feast for the eyes! Thanks so much for sharing - it's so fun to be able to see everyone's awesome ideas!