Thursday, April 20, 2017

Oh No!! Say it ain't so!!!

Short post for today - because I just can't face it!

The view out my dining room this morning.

'Nuff said! I'm going to go bury my head until spring actually arrives!!!! TTFN!! - Marilyn


  1. Well Marilyn, while you are looking at more snow, here on the west coast, we have been receiving enough rain to float a boat, ( read ARK)
    Deluges of RAIN which comes on fast and furious, then retreats as the sun dries it all up and then ANOTHER Deluge then more sun and then ANOTHER DELUGE all in the same day!?
    Your snow is beginning to look good to me ...

  2. My dear Marilyn,
    That picture wanted to make me vomit! Hang in there my friend...spring will come.
    Big hug

  3. Dear Marilyn,
    Here in Winnipeg we've been on a bit of a weather roller coaster as well...sunny and plus 16C today and tomorrow gray skies with chance of snow flurries. Mother Nature is in control and will eventually decide to let spring arrive in all its the meantime it's a good excuse to stay inside and work on miniatures! Cheers, Alayne

  4. Wow! Reminds me of Illinois growing up. Snow on Halloween and Easter.

  5. Marilyn, I've always said about Alberta that if you don't like the weather, wait a day and it will change. Guess you have to do that in New Brunswick too.
    Hugs, Maureen

  6. Oh Marilyn, snow? NO! I am sending thoughts of blue skies, sunshine, warm spring temperatures and no more snow 'til Christmas. Come on summer!