Monday, June 17, 2019

Something new and something old...

What's new??? My knee, of course! This will be a short post as it is still uncomfortable to sit at this computer for very long but I wanted to catch you up. So - let me ask you, does anyone think I may have gone a little overboard with my obsession with miniatures when I keep staring at the honeycomb dressing and asking myself if there's anything I could use it for????

Creepy, huh?

Overall, for all of you who are contemplating having a knee replacement, or are waiting for the call and are very nervous about it - I am here to tell you this is nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. To be honest with you, except for right after my exercises, or when I totally overdo things (as I have a habit of doing), I am in no more pain during this recovery than I had been for the 2 or 3 years leading up to the surgery. Now I'm pumped to get the other one done!!! Guess I need to fully recuperate from this one first. *sigh*

What's old?? My old dusty, dirty, rusty bird cage, of course. I'm not able to do a lot right now but it certainly doesn't stop me from giving directions to my DH and getting him to get started on it. Speaking of my DH - since I got home on Friday he has been wearing T-shirts he has gathered over time with "VOLUNTEER" printed in large letters across the back. Coincidence?? I doubt it!

Anyway - today I asked him if he could cut out the section of vertical bars I wanted to remove. My plan was to take out all the bars in the front of the cage with the exception of the ones immediately to the left and right of the corner posts, leaving the front of the cage wide open. However the more I looked at it, the more I liked the arch in the original door for the cage. So, I had my DH turn the cage around, take out the bars at the back, making it the new front, and remove the cage door. The archway now is part of the back wall. I thought it would make a nice focal point.

Using my small metal files, I filed down any sharp edges from the bars that were cut and I'm ready to go.

I know it's a little hard to see because the side bars kind of meld into the back bars in the pictures but you should get the idea.

I have definitely decided to use the little arch in the top portion for a little stained glass. Here is the inspiration for what I will be trying to replicate in those little half-circles:

Things are really coming together in my head now but I need to get DH to pick up some spray metal primer and a tester pot of the paint I want before I can do much more. Sorry for such small posts but, until recovery is complete, I can't do a lot of work at a time. I am enjoying the planning phase though!!!

Thanks for all of your best wishes. Yes, I will be better very soon - I'm a tough old bird! TTFN!!! - Marilyn


  1. Glad to read everything went well with your surgery. Your husband sounds like a good guy to have around. I love the inspiration window.

  2. Glad to learn that you are on the road to recovery, Marilyn! I had to laugh at your contemplations regarding your honeycomb bandage; so very typical of EVERY miniaturist I've ever known! :D
    Meanwhile, I am STOKED about the birdcage project, and think that your BRILLIANT IDEA of maintaining the arched opening and removing most of the back of the cage instead is FABULOUS! It kinda reminds me of the Victoria and Albert Glass House in the U.K.
    This is going to be EXCITING to watch you develop, so.... GET WELL SOON! ;D

  3. I look at the honeycomb bandage and immediately think of tiles. It could be an excellent mold for paper clay. Depending on how sturdy it is and how thick. Adhere it to a baking sheet and use plaster mixed with white glue maybe?

  4. My thought for the honeycomb bandage would be to use it as a dropped ceiling with a string of LED lights above it.

    Love your plans for the bird cage! I saw a nice tall one (two-story) in a thrift shop in Peace River years ago that I've often regretted not buying. Looking forward to see the completed project.

  5. I wish you a speedy recovery. I am loving your ideas for the cage and looking forward to seeing your progress.

  6. Great that you are feeling so well after surgery, Marilyn. Keep up the exercises!
    Splendid idea to turn the cage around, it's going to work well.
    And I completely understand the dressing dilemma. Whenever I visit a hospital, I have to keep in check a severe attack of kleptomania. All those tubes and plastic bits and interesting fabrics, not to mention sharp scissors and blades that would make wonderful craft tools. If I ever get reincarnated, I want to come back as a doctor who builds dollhouses. It would be the perfect career/hobby match.

  7. I'm glad to hear that your recovery and discomfort level were better than anticipated! And I love that your hubs is willing to be such a good volunteer and help with the new project, too! Hope you're back on your feet and full of energy soon!