Sunday, February 28, 2016

But I Digress.......

...which, as we all know, is soooo unlike me!!;D

But, before I get to the thing before I get to the detailed pictures of the Mardi Gras lamp..., I have a message for Liz - Sorry I didn't say "welcome" to you (or to Maureen H. or someone from mini addiction (Kelly?)), but people who choose "follow by email" only, do not show under "followers". It's basically a service that allows people to receive the most recent posts by email so they don't have to remember to go to the site. I'm quite new at this and it took me quite a while after I received Liz's email to figure out how to find the people who are "following by email". It was quite a process. Bottom line - I welcome each and every one of you but the only ones I can see easily are those who also choose to be a "follower", even if they are following by email as well. I don't know why - it's a Blogger thing I guess. Sorry, I certainly didn't want to forget someone - Welcome all!!

Now, back to my original digression - Yes, I am going to show you close up pictures of the Mardi Gras room box but first -- and just to be perfectly clear, this is all Marijke H.'s fault - I have to show you something else! I was visiting Marijke the other day and she lent me a book of hers and one of her Dutch dollhouse magazines to have a look through. OMG!!!! Even though I could only understand one or two words here or there, the pictures in this magazine were very clear and the projects and ideas!! ---- I have GOT to get a look at the rest of her magazines!! There were several things that caught my attention in this one - the April/May 1999 issue of Poppenhuizen en miniaturen - but these are two that I have definitely added to my wish list of projects to do/ things to make. You remember that list, right? It's a good thing my lists are all computerized now because I don't think I have enough paper to write them all down, or the room to store the lists in if I did!

Anyway - take a look at these two miniature pieces of furniture. I HAVE GOT TO MAKE THESE!!!

The first is a campaign chair - something that a military officer would have access to in the field - no laying on soggy ground for them! The second is a campaign chest that would follow them on their military campaigns. It is basically two boxes, one that would hold clothes, etc., and the other would act as a writing desk and hold his private and military papers. Aren't they fantastic!!
They're on my list for sure!!!

So - these last pictures are close-up shots of some of the details of the Mardi Gras lamp. I'm not really happy with them as they are quite fuzzy. If I can get better pictures in the future, I will replace these. For now, I am showing you the masks that poor Martine was wearing when she was following her fickle fiancé, a beautiful set of perfume bottles next to a sweet little potted geranium given to me by Marijke the first time she and I, Louise and Susan met for the first time and formed our local mini club, a little incense jar, Martine's crystal ball, and of course - our lovely, innocent little doll still laying in the chair where he was tossed. All of these items, except for Marijke's geranium, were "tidbits" from the talented participants of Camp Mini Ha Ha however, I am very ashamed to say I cannot remember which I got from whom. Remember in an earlier post I mentioned about journaling your mini acquisitions and projects? This is why!! If anyone out there recognizes their work and will contact me I will rectify this embarrassing situation! Also, from one of the sellers at Camp I purchased the little basket behind the chair (that's where Martine keeps her doll-making supplies!). There were several of our participants who had wonderful minis for sale and, again I am ashamed to say, I can't remember who I bought this from! Shame on me! Someone please help me sort out the mysteries!

Below is a picture of the incredible Fererro Rochers made by Rhonda Lynn from PEI (yes, many real-life Ferrero Rochers were sacrificed in the making of these chocolates!) and, of course, the cocktail we each received from Liz D. Finally, one last shot of the interior and that's it for the Mardi Gras lamp. Next post we get to move on. Aren't we all glad about that! TTFN

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