Monday, February 29, 2016

Category: Things Sandra Bullock and I have in common....

Quote from Sandra Bullock:

"I like lists, I'm controlling, I like order. I'm difficult on every level!"

So....'Nuff said!

By the Way - Hi Liz D.. Thanks for joining us!

Remember the list of projects I want to do eventually - or things I'm currently working on? Well, I forgot to mention that I'm still finishing off my Camp project from last September, which I'll make sure I show you in future posts, and I totally forgot about the Irish cottage that Lousie McS. and I started and have to get finished as well. I have a couple of pictures of the cottage as it is right now. Louise has the windows made and I will be fitting them in and getting a door made and installed. Then we will be finishing the exterior, the interior, and making traditional Irish furniture to go inside. We will then be donating the cottage to the Irish Association for exhibit - or perhaps for auction - whatever they wish.

The pictures are a little dark but hopefully you can see it well enough to get the idea. The design is actually from a booklet put out by the Nutshell News many years ago. It was very easy to follow and put together. I'm looking forward to getting the time to put more work in on this.

One item I mentioned on my list was an IKEA greenhouse, or seed-starting frame that I saw on Maureen H.'s blog, St. Albert Minis. I loved the idea of it and I ended up buying two. The first one I will be turning into a greenhouse with attached potting shed. In the pictures below I included a 1/12th scale chair so you could get the idea of size. Again - sorry for the dark pictures.

My first challenge with the greenhouse was that I want the floor from the greenhouse to run continuously through to the currently non-existent potting shed. However, the base on the greenhouse has a border on it that would mean I have to raise the floor a little bit. While looking through my wood stash for something appropriate, besides finding pieces of 3/4 mdf that would be a good thickness, I also found two 12x12 sheets of 1/4" glass and stone tiles that, I thought, would look lovely as a floor.

So - step one - I will glue the pieces of mdf together to fit the length of the greenhouse, then will glue down the floor tiles and grout them. Of course, then I have to make plant benches, fittings, and lots and lots of plants and flowers. Luckily I have Marijke H. handy and will be able to pick her brain when it comes to the flower-making stage - yet another thing she does so well. It's a good thing that I have so many truly talented people around me given my lack of experience. I'm so grateful to have them around. I have plans!!!! I must go make another list. Sandra would be so proud!!!! TTFN!


  1. As a relative newcomer to the hobby of miniatures I am happy to have located another Canadian blog to follow...I've enjoyed reading all the previous entries you have posted and wish to extend heartfelt congratulations for sharing thoughts, photos and projects (in progress and ones on the 'to do at some point' list). I will look forward to seeing many more posts!

    1. So nice to see you here as well. If you haven't already- you should check out Elizabeth's blog at Studio E. She's also a Canadian blogger as is Marijke at Punchinella's Cellar. Minis rule! - Marilyn D.

  2. Buen comienzo, espero ver la continuación:-)

    1. Thank you Rosa. I'm glad you like the beginning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can pull it off the way I envision it in my head. - Marilyn D.