Saturday, June 4, 2016

Another day dawns in Wiltshire County....

...and sees us on the train to visit the city of Bath again - for a more leisurely trip this time. BTW - Bath is not in Wiltshire County, it's in Somerset. Bradford-on-Avon is in Wiltshire County - just next door.

We slept in late this morning - it felt so wonderful! Then, after a good breakfast we rode into Bath for a "walk-about". We popped into a few shops here and there but mostly we had come to see the Abbey and the Roman Baths which, of course, Bath is named for.

On our way to the train I did take this picture of The Three Gables in Bradford-on-Avon. It's the best picture I've gotten of it. I'd love to try my hand at this in mini but it would have to be half scale or I'd not have a place to put it when it was finished!

Two doors away is an impossibly wonky little building. It actually operates as a tea room but I think I would be scared it would fall down around me. However, I guess if it has stood for a few hundred years it's probably good for a little while longer!

On entering the Abbey in Bath I, of course, had to take pictures of doors on the outside and ceilings inside. I'm a sucker for these architectural features because I'm always trying to imagine how I can recreate them in miniature for just that special little project. As intricate as the doors and exterior details were, the ceilings and interior trim were astounding!

I also took pictures of the gorgeous baptismal font - hundreds of years old and still in use today, and one of the pulpits whose form I thought was beautiful.

The ceilings in sections of the Roman Baths were also incredible - yes, I know - I have this thing for ceilings!! I told you but would you believe me??? Noooo! Now you do!

Now for the last pictures of the day. Guess what I found inside the Roman Baths??? A diorama of what the Baths were like in their prime. You knew I'd find some minis somewhere, didn't you?

So that's it for today. I have no idea what tomorrow might bring - maybe nothing at all! Who knows. TTFN!

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  1. Hi Marilyn,
    Bath is such a beautiful spot to visit! The Roman baths and the Abbey are just two of the amazing places to see...imagine finding miniatures as part of the display! Weren't the Romans genius in planning and building the baths? The Royal Crescent is also a beautiful place to stroll and to try to picture what it would have looked like in its prime...can imagine that recreated on a miniature scale with each of the homes decorated in Georgian would be spectacular. Love the photos...thanks again for sharing! Cheers, Alayne