Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 4 (2 really)...

Okay - as of right now I'm going to stop including the two days it took us to get here so - Welcome to Day 2 - Yes, Alanna - that means you too *smile*. Just so others know, Alanna is a friend of my daughter who says I'm her adopted Mom so, of course, that gives her the right to moan at me if I haven't posted anything for her to read! Well, at least she keeps me on my toes!

Today we took the train from Bradford-on-Avon to Bath and picked up a half day tour to Stonehenge and the Village of Lacock. Before leaving the B&B we are staying at I took a few pictures I wanted to share with you. First, the bed we were sleeping in is white-painted metal and I loved the design of it. Of course I'm trying to think if I can make it in 1/12th scale! I'm showing you the footboard here. I think I've seen one like it in mini somewhere - maybe on Kris Compass's site - I'll have to check when I get a chance.

Then, before we left the house, knowing that we were moving into the connected studio apartment for the rest of our stay, I took the time to snap a few of the minis in the old house. The owner had made a few minis for her three girls when they were children. She now has seven grandsons and they don't seem interested in the minis. These are obviously very old but were much loved at the time. I can meet new mini-friends anywhere!!

I have some great pictures of Stonehenge but, to be honest, no better than you would get if you went online and checked it out. So, since the download/upload speed here where I am connected is soooooo slow, I'm going to skip those. The Village of Lacock though ---it was the stuff a miniaturist's dreams are made of!!!!

This tiny village, about a 20 minute drive outside Bath, is about 450 years old. It looks today almost as it would have been originally. The National Heritage Trust in England, recognizing this little gem for what it is, has put a moratorium on any new buildings, satellite dishes, overhead wires, television antennas - the whole works. Yes the village is full of cars and modern road signs and other little things like that but they can, on very short notice, remove all of these and the village is virtually returned to its bygone era with the addition of dirt on the streets, market stalls, etc. Because of this it has been used for filming several period pieces such as Pride and Prejudice. It also features in the first two Harry Potter films. The house in the film where James and Lily Potter lived and were murdered by "He Who Shall Not Be Named!" is in this little town. Also, the building used for the sweets shop in Hogsmeade is there as well.

I really, really want to show you the pictures I took of this village. I can so easily imagine several new mini projects coming out of this! Unfortunately the download speed to add the pictures is killing me because it's late here and I am exhausted. I will try to start posting a little earlier tomorrow and do a feature on this village. I'll try to make it worth the wait. So - until tomorrow - TTFN! I'm going to bed!

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  1. How amazing to find a miniaturist residing at and hostessing at your selected Bed and Breakfast...we've stayed in many during our travels and I can't recall one that had miniatures displayed...lucky find! Looking forward to seeing photographs from the village of Lacock...Great Britain seems to appreciate their historic buildings so much more than we do here in Canada. Perhaps we'll eventually realize the charm and character that they give a community, town or city. Inspiration galore for miniature building! Thanks so much for sharing when you are tired and the download speed isn't cooperating! Keep enjoying your holiday in every way possible! Cheers, Alayne