Friday, June 3, 2016

England Day 3

Today we took the trip to Chippenham to the History Research Centre there. I did find some information on my ancestors but I feel like there's lots more there that I didn't have time to delve into. I guess that means we'll have to make another trip to England next year!

Since I'm sure there's nothing in my family history you're interested in seeing or hearing about on this blog (okay - that wouldn't normally stop me but hey - I didn't take a single picture today! Not a single one!), let's go back to yesterday's side trip to Lacock. Alayne (Scrapbooking Butterfly), these are particularly for you since you said you really wanted to see them.

As I said yesterday - this little village is truly inspiring to any miniaturist. The architecture was amazing - like stepping back in time. If you ignored the cars and the small items of modernity (mostly road signage), you could certainly imagine yourself back in the 16th century.

The first picture shows the house that was used, in the Harry Potter films, as James and Lily Potter's house when Voldemort murdered them. The second is the one that was used as the sweet shop in Hogsmeade.

As I mentioned yesterday, the village of Lacock has been used in a number of period films because it can so easily be transported back in time by removing signs of modern life and covering the streets with dirt. Several scenes in the movie Pride and Prejudice were filmed in Lacock. Another interesting tidbit -- remember the scenes in the first two Harry Potter films when the whole school was gathered in the dining hall? The bulk of the children in those scenes were children from Lacock and the surrounding area who filled in as "extras". They must be thrilled every time they see the movies and see themselves in them. They'll certainly have something to tell their children!

Here are some other great buildings and scenes in Lacock. Remember you can click on any picture to get a larger size to check out the details.

I hope this isn't too many pictures for blogger to handle but I loved them all! Also in Lacock is a great example of a little lock-up that would have been used to lock in a person who was "drunk and disorderly" for 24 hours to sober them up. There were no windows in these little "jails" - just a platform to sleep on and a grate-covered hole to ...well, you know what they did with that. As a result, when the door was shut they were locked into complete darkness. When they were let out the next day it would take a little while for their eyes to adjust to the light - hence the term "blind drunk". There's another little lock-up right in the middle of the bridge in Bradford-on-Avon that looks very much like this one. Apparently the Bradford one was originally intended as a little chapel for solitary prayer and meditation before it began to be used to house the inebriated! Anyway - I think these little buildings are kind of cute and would perhaps add something to a little medieval or Tudor village scene in mini. What do you think?

I also had to take pictures of the way dirt and moss accumulate on the roof slates and then flowering plants spring up. What a great addition to any old weathered mini roof something like this would make!

I will leave you tonight with one final picture - the oldest house in Lacock. Surprisingly, for me, this house didn't look as old as some we saw here but apparently it dates back to the mid 1500s. All in all, the buildings have left me with so many ideas for design and finishing of future projects -- just what I needed - more ideas!!!

Anyway - off to bed here but will try to keep up the posts from jolly old England - then from Ireland starting next week. TTFN!


  1. Hi Marilyn! Incredible History has surrounded you and what interesting stories behind those walls! There is something very romantic about English structures and I am so glad that they have preserved As Is! They truly are a visual Feast! :D


    1. They really are, Elizabeth. They've left me with so many ideas re: exterior finishes, roofing, etc. I can hardly wait to tackle a project where it would be appropriate to try a few of these ideas out! - Marilyn

  2. Dear Marilyn,
    The photos of the village of Lacock are inspirational and will provide many, many ideas of what can be achieved on a miniature scale building. I can imagine how these 'modern' streets could be transported back in time to an era when horse and carriage provided the means to get from 'here' to 'there'...can almost smell the atmosphere and it certainly wouldn't have only been the scent of roses wafting in the air! Beautiful and historic and charming...soak it all in and thank you for sharing the inspiring sights you have been visiting! Cheers, Alayne

  3. Hello Marilyn,
    What a great post! Thank you for putting up so many wonderful pictures! I love British architecture.
    Big hug