Monday, December 26, 2016

A very mini Christmas!!!

Who could ask for more? Family, friends, good food, and lots of it....and mini presents!!!!

On Wednesday, the 21st, I got an email from Patricia Rose Studios letting me know several of her doll molds were 35% off, including two 1/12th scale ones I had my eye on. After mentioning it to my DH, who totally supported me in ordering them, I placed the order and will be eagerly awaiting their arrival. I've never made my own dolls before but Patricia's are so beautifully detailed I have been dying to try my hand at it.

On Friday, the 23rd, my new issue of Dollhouse and Miniature Scene arrived, although I only just got a chance to sit down and read it today, it was a treat just knowing it was there waiting for me.

I had already received my major presents from DH earlier in the month when he bought me a 54" cabinet on wheels to store my minis and supplies in. These cabinets are usually purchased by men to store the tools in their garages but they contain so many very shallow drawers on easy-gliding slides that they're perfect for keeping tiny things accessible without piling them on top of each other. From Costco he also bought me a four-foot long, wall-hung "power bar" that also has two LED light sections that fold out to any angle to light up my work surface, 6 power outlets, and two USB ports so I can charge my cell phone while I work or plug in an iPod or other device for a little musical accompaniment. How great were these presents!!!! I'm so spoiled.

Then came Christmas Day! Our son and his family sent me a $100 gift card from Grandpa's Dollhouse. Yippee - I can't wait for the January Daily Deals to start! I've got my trigger finger ready to get my bids in fast before they're stolen by someone else!

Our daughter gave me an incredible gift! Each year she has watched me struggle to get my "tidbits" and "Gifties" made in time for Camp Mini Ha Ha in September so this year she purchased and downloaded some printable kits from an Etsy shop and presented me with 10 sets already made and a promise that she will complete another 26 sets before Camp. Best gift ever!!!! I'd love to show you the sets she already put together but then they wouldn't be a surprise at Camp so you won't get to see them until late September. Sorry!

Final present on the mini front - my sister and her partner joined us for Christmas dinner and presented me with two flats of spring flowers by Marijke Hurkens (Pulchinella's Cellar). You all know how I love Marijke's work. I had just purchased a flat of primroses from Marijke at the Model Railroaders Show on December 3rd. My sister came to the show and, while her partner, John, distracted me, spent time at Marijke's stall, eventually settling on a flat of lovely blue muscari and a mixed selection of crocuses. Combined with my flat of primroses, I'm beginning to envision my greenhouse project becoming an early spring scene, to be sure.

Aren't these beautiful?

All in all, it was a wonderfully mini Christmas for me. I hope it was for you as well. In closing, I leave you with a picture of our full-size "Welcome Santa" we place in our foyer each year. I am determined to make one in mini one of these days. He's one of my favourites and stands about four feet tall so makes a great focal point in the entryway.

Best wishes to all of you and your families and a healthy and prosperous 2017. TTFN! - Marilyn


  1. Awwww, It appears that your entire family know the way to win your heart Marilyn! :D
    Everything including the storage units sound Wonderful!!! :D
    Glad to learn that Santa and his little elves, were good to you! ;P


    1. I am blessed, Elizabeth, aren't I?? Or spoiled. Whichever it is, I am also really grateful. We all know when we reach the stage when the last thing we need for Christmas or birthdays is more random "stuff". I'm so glad my family understands that and concentrates on my favourite hobby instead. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas as well. All the best. - Marilyn

  2. It is with much joy we celebrate Christmas in a beautiful country with treasured family and is a blessing indeed! You were the recipient of gifts selected with love from the special people in your life....delightful all around! Hope that 2017 brings health, peace and contentment to you and yours....Cheers, Alayne

    1. Thank you so much Alayne. What a wonderful message, beautifully said. I agree 100%. I continue to live a very blessed life and never take it for granted. May you and yours have a wonderfully blessed 2017!- Marilyn