Saturday, December 17, 2016

Redefining "stash"....

...because, according to the dictionary, when used as a noun, "stash" is "something put away or hidden". Somehow, in my case, that definition stops waaaay too short. It should continue on to say, "never to be seen again!" At least that seems to be my experience.

I managed to carve out some time to work on my Christmas shelf today. I attached the hangers to the back and got ready to start putting together the little vignettes I had in my mind. I already had the furniture picked out for the bottom shelf, which I showed you in the last post, and I had found a few accessories in the drawer where I keep all my Christmas minis - well, almost all. I have a set of metal cups and plates with Christmas designs on them as well as some additional pictures and serving plates somewhere in my stash. I don't know whether I spent more time gluing down the items I did have or searching for items I didn't. As a result, I still have more work to do before I can call the project "done" and hang it on the wall. However - I'll show you where I am so far - just in case I can't find everything else before the new year.

I did get the furniture into position and I glued it in place since I don't think I will be changing it anytime soon. I included the poinsettia and amaryllis I showed you in the last post. I love traditional Christmas flowers!

The other thing I feel is absolutely essential is a Nativity scene. I have a few in my life-size Christmas decorating so, of course, there has to be one in my mini scene as well. In the cabinet on the right of the "room" we have Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and three wise men on the bottom shelf of the hutch with an angel on the shelf above, guiding worshipers to the manger.

Above the cabinet, the clock is showing ten minutes after ten - less than two hours to go before Christmas morning!!! The little filigree clock is actually a wooden scarpbooking embellishment. I thought if I painted it all white it would show up nicely against the red wall. The little Christmas tree picture was one I had in -- wait for it---my stash, for a very long time.

The large Santa picture in the centre of the wall was actually in a very large gold frame - way too large to look in proportion with the room. I found another scrapbooking item - a pair of heavy metal picture frames that were also in my stash - and thought one would look perfect in that spot.

I set up the table and chairs and glued down a metal candelabra I also found - well, you know where I found it. In that same place, I also found a large nutcracker and thought he would look really cute in the scene. You can just see him in the corner, peeking out from behind the chair.

So, as you can see, I found lots of things in my stash - several of which you will see in my next post. Now I'm hoping for a little bit of Christmas magic that will help me find what I was actually looking for - my dishes!!! Hopefully that will happen tomorrow. TTFN - Marilyn


  1. It all looks so festive and captures the holiday spirit! Since you now have a permanent place to display your Christmas themed minis, you'll be able to take advantage of some after Christmas stock reductions and enjoy them all year! Don't forget the gingerbread cookies!

    1. Yes,Jodi - I have some of those cookies - somewhere in my stash! - Marilyn

  2. Marilyn, I love it! Was going to comment yesterday but didn't get around to it so much more fun to see what you have done since then.Looking forward to seeing the final (or at least the next update) on what you're doing.
    Maureen H.

    1. Thanks Maureen. I'm having fun with it - not to mention how many things I'm rediscovering while I'm searching through my stash for other things! - Marilyn