Monday, December 19, 2016

Introducing the newest member of our miniature club.

I've been promising you for the last couple of days that I would show you some pictures of some really special gifts we were all given by the newest member of our F.A.M.E. club (Fredericton Area Miniature Enthusiasts).

We first met Garry Rutherford when he introduced himself to us at our October show. At that time he and his wife showed us some pictures of the buildings he has made over the years - absolutely incredible! Garry then came to our November meeting and joined our club and we are so happy to have such a talented new member. With the exception of one room box by member Marijke Hurkens, our exhibit tables at the Fredericton Model Railroaders show, the first Saturday in December, were completely taken up with room boxes from Garry. His detailed work is exquisite and the visitors to our exhibit, of which there were more than we have ever had, certainly showed their appreciation for the talent and the amount of work it took to build them. Garry's works included an old country store; A Christmas Eve scene; Grandma's attic; A back porch scene in a round cheese box; a 1980 kitchen; an 1889 kitchen; a homeless scene; and a lovely little nursery in a break-away box.
Garry, and his wife Karla, used to display his work at the Camden show but, since the show no longer takes place they were pleased to once again have an opportunity to show off some of his pieces. Our club is planning on having our May meeting at Garry's place so we can see the complete scale buildings and other miniature projects he has made. I wish I could show you pictures of all of his room boxes but, unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures. I will bring them to you at some time in the future but, here's your treat for tonight: at our Christmas gathering last week, after we had all taken part in a "Yankee Swap", Garry surprised us all with 1/2 scale sheds he had made since our last meeting one month before. Each one was different and all were gorgeous! We were all so impressed and incredibly grateful for such generosity. Below I will show you all of the little sheds together on the stairs of our hostess's home, then I have a picture of each one individually. Garry made the sheds all from scratch, made all the fences and signs, and several of the other accessories, then finished them off with purchased items here and there.

True to his signature - every shed scene contained at least one dog. I have included a life-sized teacup in some pictures so you can have a size comparison. So - without further delay - here goes:

I hoped you enjoyed seeing these little sheds as much as we all enjoyed receiving them. We truly are blessed to be involved in a hobby which instills such a level of generosity as we see time and time again.
Garry, thank you so much from all of us. I am so proud to say I have a "Garry Rutherford original" of my very own. God bless and -- TTFN! - Marilyn


  1. Amazing talent and generosity from a talented man...lovely to see all the different variations on one theme especially when created by one individual! It would be great to see the room boxes that were on display at your October show at some point in the future. Have a Merry Christmas! Cheers, Alayne

    1. Yes, he's very talented. I'll be sure to show more of his work in the future. You have a wonderful Christmas as well, Alayne. - Marilyn

  2. Garry is indeed Gifted Marilyn- a Great Talent! and it is lovely to have a man in the club mini mix too!


    1. Yes Elizabeth - I'm convinced that was the reason we had so many men visiting our exhibit tables at the railroaders show this year - they felt less intimidated to show an interest in what they thought might be considered a woman's hobby. Maybe we'll turn the tide yet!
      Love what you've doe for Christmas in Villa Leone, by the way! - Marilyn