Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All is revealed!

Yesterday I mentioned that, along with the other items I showed from my shopping trip, I also picked up some red duct tape and some bright yellow duct tape, but that I couldn't tell you what they were for. Well, now I can!

Today is my friend, Louise's, birthday. I know she is planning a project that will be a Via Rail train station interior so I thought I would try to make something she could use when the time came. I made a large sign that could go on the outside wall or, perhaps inside, and also a sign that will point travellers in the direction of the airport shuttles and the other trains. I had some mat board that was exactly the right colour for the background of the big sign and used the duct tape to make the yellow and red cut-outs for the VIA letters and the maple leaf. I also made a little birthday card with a flamingo on it. Louise collects all things flamingo, so I had to include one somewhere! Happy birthday, kiddo! I hope you've had a great day.

After returning home from dropping Louise's little gift to her, I took some time to ponder my greenhouse decorative frame again. I had already cut it out using cardstock so I took the plunge and started cutting double-sided tape to cover all of the straight edges of the frame. Once this was done I traced the curved sections onto a piece of white mat board, cut it out in one piece, and used a glue stick to attach it to the rest of the frame. Then came the task of stripping the backing from the double-sided tape and trying to carefully get the placement right. Okay - I confess - I did get DH to assist me. He made sure the alignment was correct on one side while I lined up the other. Then being fairly confident we had it centred properly, we pressed in on the middle and worked our way to the outside edges.

Now I'm going to take some time to look at it and decide if I like it this way or not before I do the same thing to the other side. If I decide I don't like it, I might take my sister's suggestion and just cut the shape out in negative form and paint over it, strip off the pieces where I didn't want paint, and just go with the painted illusion rather than the actual framework. Hmmm - I'll have to think about it. Maybe someone else has an even better suggestion? In the meantime - I'll wish you all happy "mini-ing" - until the next posting! TTFN!

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  1. The effect you are going for looks impressive...paint would give the illusion but not the depth. Can't wait to see what you decide! The miniature train items look great...if they could be made smaller my husband would love them for his N-scale model railway.