Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Take a seat...

...but not this one - it took too long to stitch it to give it up now. Okay - it really didn't take that much time. I just like to complain. But one thing I certainly can't complain about is that there are 3 new followers on board this evening. Welcome Narina, Grandmommy and Kat! I hope you enjoy your visit.

Back to the chair revamp - I have a really bad picture of the finished stitching for you to see. It's evening and the lighting isn't that great but you can at least get a feel for it. You can probably see where my next concern lies - I stitched the design too close to the edge so it won't be easy to cover the seat properly as you can see the original seat size next to the stitched piece.

I will, of course, persevere, in my usual non-complaining, non- whiny, selfless way as I , once again, sacrifice my peace of mind (maybe that should be "piece of mind" given my often miniscule amount of brain-power) and my delicate fingers, for the greater good! That is the "mini" way, isn't it? ;D.

On Thursdays I teach traditional Irish dance and Irish language at one of our local elementary schools so I probably won't have anything done to show you. I'll have the chair finished for posting on Friday and perhaps some work done on the greenhouse. See you then! TTFN!


  1. Thanks Kat! It is so pretty maybe you could save this for a matching larger piece if it doesn't fit the chair!

    1. Thanks. I think it's quite pretty too and it didn't really take that long to do. I may have to do it over and move it further away from the edge of the fabric so I have something to wraparound the seat cushion, We'll see. - Marilyn D.

  2. If it doesn't fit the chair it would make a lovely firescreen! Hand stitching adds such a beautiful (and often feminine) touch to any miniature room...looking forward to seeing the finished result.