Thursday, March 31, 2016

Déja vu!

Yes, you have seen this before - or at least something almost exactly like it. Yes, I am doing the same thing - all over again. I decided I really didn't like the effect of using card stock as a framework over double-sided tape on my greenhouse so I'm back to using mat board again.

I haven't had a lot of time to work on minis lately but at least I started cutting out the new window framework. I think I'll like it a lot better. I also decided not to cut it all the way to the floor like the first one. I like the idea of having a couple of feet of "wall" at the bottom to work with. Of course, the whole framework will be completely flat so I will then add some strips to look like molded panels, and a "sill" that will go all the way across the top edge of the short little "wall".

However, I'm afraid it will take a back seat for a few days because....drum roll....I'm going to the Montreal Miniature show!!!! I'm so excited! I've never been there before. Isn't my DH wonderful for letting me go? (tongue in cheek here!). I'll also get a chance to meet up with Liz and Wayne Dieleman from Grandpa's Dollhouse - although I'm sure they'll be super busy. Hopefully we'll get a chance to have a few minutes of quiet time sometime over the weekend to catch up. I'm also hoping to meet Giac Dell'accio sometime on Saturday. You would know Giac as the fabulous miniature artist responsible for the English Manor Dollhouse blog. We've exchanged emails but have not actually met yet. Also, my friend Louise will be visiting her sisters who live in Quebec and I'll spend some time with them over the weekend as well. So much to look forward to!

When I get back I will have a write-up for you about the show and, hopefully, some great pictures. They don't always allow pictures to be taken - especially on the sales floor, but perhaps some vendors will let me take some if I ask nicely. I should be able to take pictures in the exhibition room at least. So - I'm off to pack and will get back to you with details on Monday! TTFN!

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  1. I like the solid bottoms of the walls in the greenhouse as it will give more options to decorating it. Have a fabulous time at the miniature show in Montreal ('s the city where I was born so it has a soft spot in my heart.) It would be such a delight to attend this show and meet with the artisans who will be in attendance. Shall be looking forward to a report once you are back home with your purchased treasures....Alayne